This site was created on May 31, 1999. The first and only reason of its creation was simply a decision to learn something about HTML and CSS, and I did not mean to expect a great popularity. Surprisingly, it appeared that many people throughout the world are interested in trams, and I was glad to see such an interest in my hobby (yes, this site is maintained by me solely in my free time, and I have no relation to trams in my job). This site is hosted by, and I hope this co-operation will last long.

And here is a list of modifications made on the site during all these years. Just for the very curious persons, I guess :-)))

Date Changes
February 12, 2004 The next set of three pages briefly depicts the tram line in Leningradskiy Prospect - one of the widest avenues of Moscow. Take a look: part 1, 2, 3.
December 24, 2003 Three pages devoted to the north-eastern edge of the Moscow tram network now have the English versions: Bratcevo terminus, Panfilov Heroes Street, Skhodnenskaya Street and Lodochnaya Street.
November 24, 2003 Another new page: Preobrazhenskiy Val Street.
October 19, 2003 A new page: Serpukhovskiy Val Street.
September 15, 2003 A new page: Svobody Street. Rumours are being spread in Moscow that Apakova tram depot and a line in Shabolovka Street may be permanently closed down in 2004. Everything is possible in our crazy time when real estate developers are eager to catch any piece of land in the historic centre of the city to build just another elite residence.
August 31, 2003 A new page is devoted to Gospitalniy Val Street.
July 28, 2003 Two new pages: Danilovskiy Val Street and 16th Parkovaya Street terminus.
July 14, 2003 A new page is devoted to Aviatsionnaya Street.
June 25, 2003 The section about Maliy Donbasskiy overpass has been updated with new photos and information. Another page: From Chesmenskaya Street to Novokonnaya Square has been slightly revised, and new photo added.
June 18, 2003 It took me rather long to update the site; unfortunately, I have many jobs to do, and my spare time is valuable. Anyway, here is the new page devoted to Vostochniy Most terminus in Tushino district in the north-west of Moscow.
April 21, 2003 A new section describes the south edge of Moscow tram network: Ulitsa Akademika Yangelya loop. Two more pages have been revisited and reorganized: Ostankino terminus and Akademika Korolyova Street.
April 17, 2003 New photos have been added to the following pages: Yeniseyskaya Street, Volochayevskaya Street and Syromyatniki interlaced section. Another page has been translated, now - 1st Ostankinskaya Ulitsa loop.
April 3, 2003 A small update: new photo of tram/railway level crossing in Ugreshskaya Street kindly presented by Denis Ivanov.
March 11, 2003 The next set of pages has been greatly reorganized: From Rizhskiy Vokzal to Zvyozdniy Boulevard, From Zvyozdniy Boulevard to VDNKh, From VDNKh Metro to Rostokino, From Rostokino to VDNKh North (new line), Near VDNKh.
February 17, 2003 More pages have been updated with Mr. Stewart's photos: Gilyarovsky Street - Samotyochnaya Street and Samotyochnaya Street - Dostoevsky Street.
February 12, 2003

I am proud to present you a number of unique photos taken in October 1985 by Mr. Gordon Stewart, who kindly shared with me some items of his great collection. The following pages have already been updated: Krasnopresnenskaya Zastava, Zvenigorodskoye Shosse, Voikovskaya, Zoi and Alexandra Kosmodemianskikh Street, Sobolevskiy Proyezd, Volokolamskoye Shosse.
Please visit Gordon Stewart's site ( for even more great tramway photos!
The current network news are as follows: the line from Krasnokazarmennaya Ploshchad to Andronievskaya Ploshchad along Volochaevskaya Street will be closed from February 8 until June due to construction works; routes 43 and 45 are re-routed to bypass this line via Kurskiy Vokzal. A substitution bus service will also be provided.
(Later notes: as usual, it took much longer than expected to resume tram service. Now the estimated term is December 2003).

January 9, 2003 A reviewed version of a page devoted to the best known route of Moscow tramway - route A, or Annushka.
November 27, 2002 Views of another terminus - Tcheryomushki in the south of Moscow.
November 25, 2002. A trip along the closed line to Dvintsev Street - back in the time. New page: Prospekt Marshala Zhukova terminus.
November 4, 2002 The line from Minaevskiy Pereulok to "Ulitsa Dvintsev" (Dvintsev Street) terminus was finally closed on November 2. Bad news, but not unexpected.
November 1, 2002 More photos by Alexander Zabreiko: Vagankovo reversing loop. Not the loop, indeed, but the place where it was so recently.
October 28, 2002 New photo report on Krasnopresnenskoye depot three months after its closure is presented by Alexander Zabreiko.
October 18, 2002 Site was moved from BY.RU free hosting to Many thanks to RUZ.NET for hosting!
October 8, 2002 The "General information" page has been updated, reflecting recent fare changes. A list of existing and existed tramway depots also was added.
September 28, 2002. A new page: From Kurskiy Vokzal to Andronievskaya Ploshchad.
September 15, 2002 At last I fulfilled my promise to translate a section about closed this May Krasnopresnenskoye depot into English. The section contains four pages.
August 17, 2002 A page about the Moscow's only existing interlaced section was added.
July 7, 2002 Now goes the first page devoted to "1st Botkinskiy Proyezd" terminus, starting from a construction report.
July 1, 2002 The last section of Begovaya Street is available in English.
June 24, 2002 As the Begovaya Street line is gone, I invite you to take a look at it. First - Vagankovskiy Bridge and Begovaya Street (with more sections to come in the next weeks).
The last day of Krasnopresnenskoye tram depot was May 25; and the next day, the new depot in Strogino started service on the north-western tram network in Moscow. Following the waves of protest, the city administration unwillingly agreed that the trunk line along Leningradskiy Prospekt must continue operation (temporary, until they find money to lift it), and a new terminus has been built in 1st Botkinskiy Proyezd. Thus, only the line from the new terminus to the Krasnopresnenskoye depot and the depot itself have been sacrificed to the highway construction. This could be considered as a great victory of the pro-mass transit forces in Moscow, for this is the first time that the voices of Muscovites have reached the high circles of the administration.
To sweeten things a bit, the tramline along Baumanskaya St. and Krasnoselskiy Most resumed service since May 19. This line was closed long ago, in 1997, and very few of us still hoped to see it operating ever again.
April 29, 2002 A new page: Borisa Galushkina Street and Rostokinskiy Proyezd.
April 27, 2002 A new photo has been added to the "level crossings" section; the photo depicts tramway/railway level crossing in Skhodnenskaya Street. The tour along the north-western tram network continues: a new page is devoted to the Mikhalkovo terminus.
April 7, 2002 On March 23, a pro-tram rally took place in Moscow. More than a hundred Muscovites protested against a planned closure of a tram line along Leningradskiy Prospekt. Hundreds of petitions were signed as the local dwellers came and realized the problem, demanding the city government to reconsider the unpopular decision. The rally had a great reaction in the mass-media, with most newspapers and radiostations supporting the protesters (by the way, I personally was one of them). A poll held by the famous "The Echo of Moscow" radiostation produced the following results: 86% of listeners support tramways in Moscow, only 14% do not!
March 8, 2002 The tour along the north-western tram network continues: Sobolevskiy Proyezd.
February 26, 2002 New page: Zoi and Alexandra Kosmodemianskikh Street. At last, I have translated the page devoted to the tram/railway level crossings in Moscow.
January 14, 2002 A simple navigation bar was added to the top of each page.
January 3, 2002 The VDNKh South terminus page was expanded, adding new exclusive photos by Alexander Shanin.
December 17, 2001 The Apakov tram depot page is now available in English.
December 12, 2001 New pages are devoted to the Voikovskaya tram terminus and Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo forest line.
November 1, 2001 "Bauman tram depot" page now has new photos and new texts, and the "Novogireyevo" page is available in English. By the way, there is a lot of pages devoted to tramlines of Prague in this site, but those pages are only in Russian. I hope I shall translate them when I have enough time (and if I have enough time...).
September 4, 2001 An English version of the Guestbook was created. Now you can share your impressions with other visitors!
July 8, 2001 Some modifications in "Kalanchevskaya Street" and "unclassified" sections. Revenue service along Vavilov Street and Ordzhonikidze Street is resumed since July 2, as the overpass reconstruction is over. A good news for tram fans and all who use this significant transport link
June 13, 2001 A new section: Volochayevskaya Street
May 21, 2001 The mirror at is up and running again. A new section - University
April 15, 2001 A new section - Medvedkovo.
March 5, 2001 An excellent winter photo of a tramline in Izmailovo forest was added to Izmailovo page. More winter photos - snowploughs at work. No more updates will be placed to the GeoCities mirror due to space limits
January 29, 2001 A view of Ordzhonikidze Street line is now available in English
January 22, 2001 A page devoted to the Maliy Donbasskiy Bridge was added
December 28, 2000 A post mortem view of Zvenigorodskoye Shosse line added. Also added nice views of golden autumn in Izmailovo Forest.
October 30, 2000 Due to the bad news regarding Schmidtovskiy Proezd line, this page was painted black. I offer you a virtual trip along the closed line.
September 4, 2000 New page: Strogino. Updated: Ostankino
August 14, 2000 Added many new sections, I just cannot list them all. Browse every link - most pages were updated
July 8, 2000 Added new sections: Komsomolskaya Square, Rusakovskaya Street, Sokolnicheskaya Zastava, Bogorodskoye Shosse. Main page was reorganized
June 1, 2000 The first anniversary of this site. Many changes and additions
May 14, 2000 Global Spring Cleaning and Updating
April 23, 2000 Updated the VDNKh pages (pictures rescanned and added)
April 7, 2000 Added the Bolshaya Kalitnikovskaya page
March 21, 2000 Added the Oktyabrskoye depot page
February 29, 2000 New picture added to VDNKh South page. Added Aviamotornaya page
January 29, 2000 English version is now available
January 16, 2000 Dubrovka images added, some other replaced
October 24, 1999 Pirogovo page added
September 15, 1999 New VDNKh images added
May 31, 1999 The first day!

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