Dvintsev Street - Tikhvinskaya Street

Tramway tracks were installed in Tikhvinskaya Street in 1933. This line was built as a replacement for a closed line along neighbouring Novoslobodskaya Street (which was a part of the first line of electric tramways in Moscow). In the same year a short line from Sushchevskiy Val to Borets machinery works (now Ulitsa Dvintsev terminus) was built. The last part of the line in Sushchevskiy Val that connected Tikhvinskaya Street with a line in Maslovka and passed by Savelovskiy railway station was 'temporarily' closed on June 6, 1965, but this provisional closure appeared permanent. On the same day the service on a short tramway route #9 was started, and this shortest route of Moscow tramways existed until November 1, 2002, when this line was finally closed.

Tatra T-3 #2881 on route 9 in Dvintsev Street. This street was served by two routes: 9 and 19.

October 15, 2002 .

The fatal (for trams) crossing - the last level crossing on the Third Ring highway. This crossing disappeared on November 4, 2002 - and not only for trams, but for other vehicles, too. Traffic-lights were switched off, and no car will cross the highway here any more. This decision has already lead to great jams because there are too few opportunities to cross the Third Ring due to planning flaws.

October 15, 2002.

A view of the same crossing from Tikhvinskaya Street. Decades ago, a line to Savelovskiy railway station branched to the left, but it is long gone.

June 22, 2001.

The common cause of tramway service disruption - road incidents on the tracks. In accordance with current Russian legislation, the vehicles shall not leave the site of incident until the road police evaluates and records the event; but it may take tens of minutes to wait for its arrival. Trams are waiting, passengers are waiting, and the two car drivers are not in a hurry any more.

June 22, 2001.

Tikhvinskaya Street looks like a typical tramway street - narrow road with many trees and some preserved pieces of old building (very few of them, to be precise).

July 2000.

Minaevskiy Pereulok tramstop. Here the line branched: one branch turned to Minaevskiy Pereulok (to the right), while the other proceeded along Tikhvinskaya Street. Note how many passengers wish to take a tram here.

October 15, 2002.

Another view of the same crossing as in the previous photo, now from the tramstop. #2677 makes a turn en route to Ulitsa Dvintsev terminus.

October 15, 2002.

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