From VDNKh Metro to Rostokino

This is the final page describing and depicting the old line from Rizhskiy Vokzal to Rostokino. Only a short section of tracks, not longer than a few tens of metres long, remains today of the previously existed tram line alignment along Prospekt Mira up to its junction with Selskokhozyaistvennaya Street. The other part of the line has been relocated, it it would be rather difficult or even impossible to walk to any place where it once had been.

Prospekt Mira between Borisa Galushkina Street and VDNKh Metro. Today the place looks quite different: the underpass ramp is located right at the spot where this photo was taken, and an elevated onramp occupies the place where the dimly seen tram looms in the distance.

June 1997.

A crossing of Prospekt Mira with Borisa Galushkina Street. The triangle junction of tramway tracks existed in this crossing, with a branch to Borisa Galushkina Street leading to Sokolniki district. The triangle exists today, slightly moved during the line relocation.

June 1997.

Another view of the same crossing, now from the opposite side of the road, looking south. Left tracks form one side of the triangle junction. They were built not too long ago, in mid-nineties, and were never used by any regular route; the main goal of the construction was to provide a shorter way for depot-bound trams.

August 1999.

A junction of Prospekt Mira with Sergeya Eisensteina Street. The street has a single track service link from Baumana tram depot. Again, this junction has been relocated but preserved.

June 1997.

The service link from Baumana tram depot in Sergeya Eisensteina Street.

June 1997.

Prospekt Mira at the junction with Selskokhozyaistvennaya Street, looking south (towards the centre). Note that lonely tramcar by the park.

June 1999.

Almost the same spot a year later (hint: the buildings and billboards are in the same places). The small park has disappeared, and the tracks have been moved. Only the section at this junction with another service link to Baumana depot remains in place, but has been also re-laid and adjusted.

September 9, 2000.

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