Depot named after Bauman

A tram depot in Rostokino district to the north of Moscow was planned long ago, even before the revolution of 1917. Its construction was begun already under the Soviet power, in 1932. In 1934 the depot saw the first freight trams, and in 1937 all the passenger cars from a former Bauman tram depot in Novoryazanskaya Street (that depot was converted to a trolleybus one) were moved here. So, the Rostokino tram depot got new name with new cars, and since then it is named after Bauman.

Sergei Eisenstein street and the link line from the depot. To the left is the trolley-bus (route 48). During the reconstruction of Prospekt Mira, the trolleybus line was moved to a parallel street; here you can see how this place looks today.

July 1997.

The depot area as viewed from the gates. Note that almost all the territory not used for tram storage and maintenance is covered with deep green forest. Nice and clean transport, that tram, isn't it?

July 9, 2000.

Another view of the depot. Now you can see the building used for maintenance works, servicing etc. In 2000 all tramcars of Bauman depot were of Tatra T3 model, but today these famous trams are being replaced one by one with new KTM-19 trams built by Ust-Katav tram factory.

July 9, 2000.

The auxillary tracks along the depot fence. They are used for shunting etc.

July 1999.

The same place in 1997. It is interesting to see the old-fashioned fence and the cobbled road along the tracks, now replaced with concrete blocks.
The former tramway station Rostokino. Now this is the museum of Moscow mass transit. The museum is open during a warm season (May-September), from Th. to Su., 12.00 to 16.00 (12PM - 4PM). The museum has a rather large collection of trams, trolleybuses and buses, as well as an exposition of maps, documents and other artifacts. Entrance is free, but donations are welcome (there is an old-fashioned fare collector box in the museum, and one can put there any money he wants).

The entrance to the depot. Farther, down the street, is the Rostokinskiy bridge and the main tramway line along the Prospekt Mira.

June 1997

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