Along the tramway tracks

This is a small collection of Moscow tramway images what are not organized yet. As I periodically update the site, they will be moved to topic pages.

The Schmidtovskiy Proezd Line, eight days before closure...

(October 21, 2000).

Vavilov Street, 1997. Tram route 39.

The maintainance service repairs a damaged catenary in Sadovoye Koltso (Garden Ring).

February 2001.

This is a unique tramcar LT-10 built in Lugansk (Ukraine). There is only one such car in Moscow. The car proved to be unreliable in use, and in 2001 it was transferred to the museum of public transit of Moscow.

April 2000

Track reconstruction in 3rd Krutitskiy Pereulok.

May 2000.

Sharikopodshipnikovskaya (don't break your tongue!) street. This name just means that there is a ball-bearing factory in this street.

March 2000.

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