Bolshaya Kalitnikovskaya Street

The tramline in this street was opened in 1927, simultaneously with the opening of the Oktyabrskoe depot. Many people use this line nowadays, for there are schools, colleges, research institutes and markets in this district. There WAS also one of the Moscow places of interest - the Ptichiy Rynok ("The Birds Market"), where one could buy or sell cats, dogs, fishes and everything of this sort... (P.S. This market was officially closed in 2001, and police was used to force sellers and buyers to move from this place. This action had contradictory opinions in mass media).

This route 35 tram turns to Bolshaya Kalitnikovskaya from the Skotoprogonnaya Street, moving from the Novokonnaya Square.

March 2000.

Near Oktyabrskoe depot. This picture was taken when the Moscow tramway was celebrating the 100th anniversary.

September 1999.

The depot gates (there are many of them, of course). The sign reads "Mind the trams".

March 2000.

The crossing of Bolshaya Kalitnikovskaya Street and Voloviya Street. This crossing is equipped with rubber slabs to make the crossing smoother for trucks and cars.

April 2000.

People are waiting for a tram to get to Proletarskaya Metro station (the most popular route) or somewhere else...

March 2000.

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