Oktyabrskoye Depot

This tramway depot was opened in 1927 and dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the Great October Revolution, although the construction was begun a dozen years before and was ceased due to the First World War and the revolution in Russia. The depot is located in the south-eastern part of Moscow in a lazy street, and a large pond is not far from here. The first photo shows a number of high trees; unfortunately, they were damaged by a terrible hurricane in 1998 and later they were cut down.

In this picture you can see the front gates of the depot (to the left of the street). The street along the depot fence is called Bolshaya Kalitnikovskaya.

June 1997.

The inner yard of the depot. Heed the old car in the far corner. Of course, this is not a passenger car - it looks like a snowplough.

May 2000.

The depot gates and tramcars waiting in the depot yard. The track switches are being serviced.

May 2000.

And here is the exclusive view of the depot from the high building across the street. The tramcar moves along Bolshaya Kalitnikovskaya Street.

May 2000.

The depot building, viewed from the Novokonnaya Square. Mid-March 2000, the first warm spring days... By the way, this nice stone pavement has already been replaced with concrete slabs since that time.

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