From Izmaylovskiy Val to Semenovskaya Ploshchad

Semyonovskaya Ploshchad (square) is named after an old village Semyonovskoye that once was here. The same is true for the old name Izmaylovo - there also was a village there, and the name is widely used in street names of this Moscow district. The first electric tramcar came here in April 1906.

A tramline along Izmaylovskiy Val links two great local centres - Semenovskaya and Preobrazhenskaya squares, the patronage is very high, and there are many routes utilizing this line.

A railway level crossing divides two streets: Izmaylovskiy Val (here you can see it going uphill) and Preobrazhenskiy Val.

July 2000.

Until 1954, there was a tram terminus in Semyonovskaya Square. Then a new terminus was constructed, it goes round a block of factories. This photo shows a part of this line in Malaya Semenovskaya Street.

July 2000.

Another part of this terminus - a two-track station in Izmaylovskaya Street. An industrial district, nothing more to say...

July 2000.

Izmaylovskiy Val beside Semyonovskaya Metro station. The architecture of this district is simply awful!

July 2000.

And here is a piece of something better to look at: the Rodina cinema in Semyonovskaya Ploshchad. This tramcar #2671 is stuck to my camera, I suspect: I met it in Novoslobodskaya on route 7, and now, a week later, it is here on route 11!

July 2000

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