From Sadovnicheskaya Naberezhnaya
to Yauzskie Vorota

This line, connecting the Boulevard line with Novokuznetskaya Street, was idle in 1998-99 because of reconstruction of Bolshoy Ustyinskiy bridge. There were rumours that it would not be restored (it is difficult to guess the decisions of Moscow authorities), but happily the tram returned.

The name Ustyinskiy tells that the bridge is located beside the mouth of Yauza River. Another name - Yauzskie Vorota - reminds of the old gates in the fortress wall around Moscow which had been here long ago. There are many squares in Moscow with the word vorota (that stands for gate) in their names.

The Komissariatskiy Most (Most in Russian means Bridge) over the Vodootvodniy Channel. This short track crosses the island between the Moskva River and this channel, and then it climbs upon Bolshoy Ustyinskiy bridge.

Bolshoy Ustyinskiy bridge. This tramcar in its centennial livery is moving from the boulevards towards Novokuznetskaya Street. The vast building in the background is one of seven 'Stalin Skyscrapers' built in the beginning of 1950's. Today it is the common point to abuse those buildings for their architecture, but indeed they became the signs of Moscow.

April 2000.

A view of Moscow from the top of the bridge, with tramcar in the centre. If you turn to the left standing at this point you will see the Kremlin - this is the last spot in Moscow where one can see the very heart of the city just from the tram window. All other lines of the once great network in the centre were closed in 1935-1956.

April 2000.

Bolshoy Ustyinskiy Bridge. The tram-café 'Annushka' is moving towards boulevards.

May 2000.

Come down from the bridge, the tram line crosses Yauzskie Vorota square (in this photo) and again climbs towards boulevards. The trees of Yauzskiy Boulevard you can see in the distance.

April 2000.

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